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NEWS - 2010

  • Oct 20:

    Tavitjan Brothers signed an exclusive management contract with the renowned Swiss production label "Youkai" covering a territory of 12 European countries!
  • Oct 19:

    Tavitjan Brothers in London - November 5th, 2010! Read More!
  • Oct 19:

    A video report for the 2 fantastic concerts of Tavitjan Brothers at the Legendary Blue Note NYC! Watch It!
  • July 13:

    Exclusive! Tavitjan Brothers at the world`s finest jazz club BLUE NOTE in NYC on 10th Oct! Book online at (first show) and (second show)
  • July 13:

    Tavitjan Brothers at the renowned Auvernier Jazz Fest in Switzerland on 27th Aug!
  • July 13:

    Tavitjan Brothers at the Eastern Europian jazz festival in London on 8th Oct!
  • July 13:

    Diran & Garo jr received the prestigious “Golden Mask” award as one of the most successful and influential people in Macedonia for the year 2010 recognized by the listeners and citizens of all cities around Macedonia!
  • July 13:

    Exclusive! The new music video of Tavitjan Brothers & Zeljko Bebek for the Macedonian traditional song Jovano Jovanke on the renowned Croatian Tv “CMC” - Croatian music channel.
    More at and
  • July 13:

    Garo & Tavitjan Brothers with an exclusive promotion of their latest music video for the song “Jovano Jovanke” with the Legendary Zeljko Bebek at the club Midnight ! Exclusive interview with US & EU Ambassadors Mr. Reeker and Fouere!
    Watch Video!
  • July 13:

    Tavitjan Brothers at the shooting of their latest music video featuring the legendary singer of Bijelo Dugme - Mr. Zeljko Bebek.
    Watch Video!
  • July 13:

    “Makedonskoto srce cuka vo 7/8” with the greatest Balkan singers just released by Croatia records! Out in all stores in Croatia!
    Buy it!
  • July 13:

    Tavitjan Brothers signed the 10 year exclusive contract for the most renowned Croatian music publisher “Croatia Records”!
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NEWS - 2009

  • Dec 17:

    New official music video by Garabet & Tavitjan Brothers with Mr. Massimo Savic for the song “Eleno Kjerko” just promoted! Watch Video!
  • Dec 17:

    Promotion of the new album was a spectacular success! Garabet, Diran & Garo Jr promoted their latest album “Makedonskoto srce cuka vo 7/8” featuring the greatest Balkan singers at the Macedonian Opera House! Pictures!
  • Nov 30:

    Garabet & Tavitjan Brothers with a monumental music project! The greatest Balkan singers perform Macedonian traditional songs for the first time in Macedonian history! Artist's line up revealed! Josipa Lisac, Zeljko Bebek, Hari Varesanovic, Massimo Savic, Tereza Kesovija, Aki Rahimovski, Esma Redzepova, Karolina Goceva, Miki Jovanovski Dzafer and special guitar appearance by Mr. Goran Bregovic. Arranged & produced by Tavitjan Brothers. Stay tuned for updates!
  • Nov 18:

    Garabet Tavitjan, Tavitjan Brothers and Massimo Savic shooting an exclusive music video for the song "Eleno Kjerko" with Tomato Production. Video coming soon!
  • Nov 18:

    5 stars for the latest album's of Tavitjan Brothers called "Treasure" and "Macedonian Rhythms & Improvisations" in the largest Austrian Magazine Concerto! Link!
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New Album :: Makedonskoto srce cuka vo 7/8 :: Out Now!

New Album Out Now! New Album Out Now!

Garabet & Tavitjan Brothers with a monumental NEW ALBUM -
Makedonskoto srce cuka vo 7/8
featuring the greatest Balkan singers. Out Now!

Read More

New Video feat. Zeljko Bebek

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Sometimes, when you are listening to the music you have composed,
you are surprised to hear things beyond your creative consciousness
and you are wondering where it all came from...

Then... you realize... there is a hidden treasure in each of us,
and it is a quite a challenge to discover it.

Moreover, there are certain things in life which reveal our true values
by stretching the limits of our abilities until we discover...

The greatest pursuit is inside of us.

Diran Tavitjan

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